Thursday, March 16, 2017

Meet Jason Firstsearcher!

                                 Say hello to Jason from my novel, Souls Discovered!

Jason is the unspoken leader of the group of Searchers he lives with in a large antebellum house in Georgia.  At six-foot-two with a serious demeanor he falls into the strong and silent type. Of course, his blonde hair and bright blue eyes also put him in the male hotness category (sorry ladies, he’s taken).  As a Searcher, he has spent the past seven years battling demons, both figurative and literal. He is no stranger to hardship. Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri he grew up running the streets with some bad influences until the age of thirteen. It was then the Dehmons came after him. Jason had been out trying to sell a bracelet of his mother’s when he encountered the ebony-eyed foes. He fled home, only to find they had reached his mother first. He still carries a lot of guilt about his her death and it is one of the reasons he has difficulty opening up.
The closest person to Jason, besides Keeper Autumn, of course, is Ronan. Ronan become a Searcher a few months after him. The pair survived alone and homeless for a year before they were taken under Petr’s wing at the age of fourteen. Opposite of personality, Jason’s seriousness and Ronan’s carefree nature, the two are as close as brothers. They grew up relying on each other, though a conflict of interest puts a strain on their relationship in Souls Discovered…
Jason is a strong fighter, whose choice of weapon is a crossbow, although he is likely to come out on top in a hand-to-hand fight, as well. Being a Searcher, he also has the ability to wield supernatural power. A Searcher’s power tends to reflect their nature and this holds true for Jason. If you can imagine capturing a violent thunderstorm and condensing it to the size of a grapefruit, you’d have Jason’s power. 
“He could feel his power pulsing in him. He released a fraction of it, the result appearing above his hand. It looked like a small black cloud, spherical in shape. Small, red streaks of lightening would lance from its depths and web briefly across the surface. It sounded like an odd combination of rumbling thunder and the spark and crackle of an electrical short.” 
Trust me, you do not want that thrown at you. His power is a perfect mirror for the chaos and turmoil he carries inside, and rarely voices to anyone. Of course, Jason also has the ability to turn into something dark and dangerous, but if you want to learn more about that side of him, you’ll have to read Souls Discovered!
If you would like to get to know Jason better, you can find him slaying Dehmons and trying to keep his Keeper out of trouble in Souls Discovered.

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