Friday, August 11, 2017

New Releases!

 23:27 by H.L. Roberts 
Blurb: Fame. Money. Glory. These were all the things that you would expect from being famous. The bait that the producers of the industry would tempt you with to get you on their side. What they don't tell you though are all the 
inner tragedies that come along just as quickly. They don't tell you about the heartache that occurs when you realize that this wasn't what you wanted at all. They don't tell you about the pressure that's always on the verge of crushing you when you're forced to do everything that the public demands for and not what you truly desire. They don't tell you about the self hatred that would soon take over your entire being at the thought that you will never be good enough. No - they don't tell you these things at all. But, Lilith Rose will. When Lilith Rose, lead singer to one of the most famous rock bands around gets tired of all the lies and secrets that comes with being famous. She decides that it's time for all of it to stop and ends up revealing everything on a Facebook live stream. The result... "Part of me wants to die tonight, part of me wants it to be an accident, and part of me wants someone to notice and save me." - Lilith Rose

Lizzie in the Land Beyond by Susan McDonough Wachtman
Blurb: Hijacked by witches, kidnapped by a dwarf and enraptured by river sprites -- will Lizzie ever manage to go home? And if she can, will she want to? Lizzie is an exhausted honor student and an 
enthusiastic amateur folk singer. She wakes one day in a strange and terrifying new land. The women who revive her tell her she can never go home because they scooped her up when she was about to die. Lizzie must somehow navigate this fantastic land, try to determine how she got fished out of her life in the first place, help the people of the land understand that they are about to be colonized, and find a way, if any, to get home again. But if she does find a way — will she really want to go?

 "Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson" by Sarah Hays
Blurb: It is a story based on the real-life events of her daughters. Allyson is always getting into trouble and Breanna has to get her out of sticky situations! Sometimes, it’s hard to be a big sister! But, through it all, they’re the best of friends!

Summer of Love: Lips and Verse by Charles Edward York

Blurb: Summer, the time of sun, fun & reflection, the time when the soul has a chance to expand and contract. The time for someone to fully breathe and connect with the world around them. These 55 
poems by Charles Edward York, poet activist, is a spontaneous exploration of his inner and outer universe during the summer of 2017. Some of these moments are intimate and others spiritual and philosophical. Either way, a summer one will remember.

 To read these books for free and dozens of others, susbscribe to A Novel Connection. $1.99/month. Unlimited downloads. New books every week.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meet Miller Fourthsearcher!

Say a great big hello to Miller, the knife-throwing rancher’s son found in The Keeper’s Way series.

A country boy through and through, Miller lived in Wyoming where he raised cattle and trained horses with his parents. He was the oldest of six adopted children. Miller was brought up in a loving family and grew with an appreciation for hard work.

He was fifteen when Dehmons came for him while he was finishing up barn chores with his three brothers. His family was slaughtered despite his best efforts. Before he could be killed he was saved by his future fellow Searchers Jason, Ronan, and Petr.

Of all of the Searchers, Miller had the hardest time accepting his new role. He couldn’t deny the truth, but the loss of his family left him feeling bitter. Though the feeling lessened over time it never fully went away until years later when they discovered Autumn. Not only is she the Keeper, it is also discovered she is Miller’s biological sister. Finding his long-lost sibling gives Miller a sense of redemption. He failed his family and he is determined not to fail Autumn.

Having spent countless hours in his family’s barn throwing knives at targets, Miller is the one Searcher who was accustomed to his choice of weapon before the Dehmons came for him. As a Searcher, he is also gifted with magical abilities. ‘Miller's ability reflected his already honed skills of knife throwing. After recovering from receiving his new power, he jerked his arm forward, as if throwing a knife. A razor-sharp bar of pale yellow light shot out and sliced right through a tree before disappearing.’

Miller’s virtue is wisdom, a quality he uses to not only strategize against Dehmons but to also help his sister see sense when she is being stubborn.

Want to learn more about Miller and the rest of the Searchers? Get started on The Keeper’s Way series now for only .99!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Souls Discovered Promo

✶*¨`*.✫*¨*PROMO PRICE*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶

Title:  Souls Discovered
Author: Miranda Brock
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Price: Now only $.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

What Reviewers are saying -

"A tangled web in the battle of good versus evil, fated responsibility and feelings from the heart as one girl must rise to the occasion and go beyond the call of duty."

"Exciting and magnetic, drawing the reader into the action and emotions of the characters."

"The interesting characters and fast-paced action had me captivated to the end."

"You will love the characters, you will love the story, you will scream and cry and try to slam on the brakes as you ride the rollercoaster of this plot."


Spin away with young Autumn as she finds a seemingly innocuous gold necklace on her family’s farm and inadvertently uncovers her destiny as “The Keeper.” Autumn’s discovery of the necklace activates “The Window” and alerts both good and evil forces to her whereabouts. Autumn is pulled from everything she knows and tossed into a life of unknowns. Enigmatic enemies called Dehmons hunt her at every turn and if captured the very world she lives in will fall into destruction. With the help of seven Searchers Autumn must learn to use the power she has been given before it is too late.

Will she choose to follow the dangerous destiny thrust upon her?

Will she be able to withstand the temptation of a relationship that could jeapordize everything?

Most importantly, will Autumn be able to find the strength within herself to fight the dead-eyed evil Dehmon souls?

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Facebook Author Page:

Monday, June 12, 2017

From The Falls Cover Reveal!

Title: From The Falls
Series: The Falls Trilogy, Book Two
Author: Heather Renee
Release Date: August 4th, 2017
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Amazon US Preorder Link:
Amazon UK Preorder Link:
Amazon AUS Preorder Link:
Goodreads Link:

Arvata is thriving and Kali is finally getting a handle on being an Elder. She’s been learning her Arelia abilities, while enjoying being a newlywed. The only thing missing from Arvata is their town healer, who left a year ago and didn’t tell anyone why.
Lorelle finally returns and explains to the Elders what the Fates had assigned to her, but she now needs their help with the mission. Half-Guardians, that shouldn’t even exist in their world, are out there and need to be protected, but time is running out.
Dark magic lurks within these hybrids and nobody knows how they came to be. They possess powers unlike full Guardians and it’s up to Kali and her friends to figure out how to protect the half-Guardians and prevent more from being created.
Trust will need to be earned, unseen powers will emerge and loved one’s lives are threatened. Will the risk be worth it in the end?

About The Author:
Heather Renee lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest in Oregon. She writes YA Fantasy that has a mixture of suspense, humor and a little romance. 
When Heather's not writing, she is spending time with her beautiful daughter and amazing husband. Two cats and a dog who loves the snow, complete their household. On weekends, if she doesn't have a book in her face, you can find Heather going on different adventures with her family. Her favorite being hiking Multnomah Falls.
She loves to hear from her fans, so visit her webpage and the Contact Me link for ways to connect.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Character Art Contest!

Did you know in addition to writing I also love drawing and painting? I thought it would be great to give my readers a chance to win a custom piece of art done by yours truly. Fun, right?

Here's what to do. Comment on this post with your favorite character from The Keeper's Way series, and why that certain character is your favorite. This contest will run until my release party for Souls Asunder in August, at which time I will anounce the winner by random draw! The winner will receive a piece of art featuring their favorite character :)

I do need to add that after the winner is announced I will need a month or two to complete your prize. The prize may be in graphite, colored pencil, etc.

Looking forward to hearing who your favorite character is!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review for Nova by Joanne Van Leerdam

Author: Joanne Van Leerdam

Genre: Poetry

My Rating: Five Stars


Explore with the poet what it is to be human: to love, to celebrate, to grieve, to feel pain, and to overcome, through powerful images of fallenness, hope and redemption.

My Review:

Wow. That is the first thing that came to my mind when I started reading this collection of poems. Trust me, there is a lot packed into that short little word, too. To clarify, here are some other words that come to mind to describe Nova. Brilliant. Spectacular. Gorgeous. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Joanne Van Leerdam's poetry does everything great poetry should do. It entertains. It evokes emotion. It inspires. These poems of growth, loss, and love definitely do not disappoint!

Every single poem in this collection is amazing and I have found some new favorites that I will most certainly be reading over and over! I am looking forward to discovering more works by Joanne and I highly recommend you check out her poetry, as well!

If you're searching for some great poetry, Nova is available on Amazon!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Review for Phoenix Always by Jae Dawn

Author: Jae Dawn
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal


From Romania to New Orleans through nine centuries and thirty-nine lives, Phoenix Maison remembers them all. What she doesn’t remember is how she came to be trapped in this cycle of reincarnation. Every year in every life, she prepares for her possible death, but this life is different from the others. She loves her family and her native New Orleans and longs for a future with her girlfriend. 

Determined to break her curse, Phoenix stumbles down an oddly familiar path back to the only life she doesn’t remember, where her immortal soul lived in an immortal body. 

Even as bloodless corpses pile in her beloved city, Phoenix still hopes to escape her destiny. But her seemingly endless time is running out and she must either embrace what she was always meant to be or let humanity meet a brutal fate. 
The future of mortals and immortals alike lies in her choice.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Phoenix Always begins with Phoenix Maison, an eighteen-year-old young woman who has lived thirty-nine lives. She is finally happy in her current life with adoring parents, a girlfriend, and a city she loves. However, her clock is ticking down before she once again dies and is reborn. She may be able to break the curse over her but is the cost higher than she is willing to pay?

This novel had me hooked from the beginning! It has great pace and never a dull moment. The way the author interlaced fragments of the protagonist's past with the present is flawless. I loved Phoenix! Her life is so fascinating and she's a strong heroine. You can feel how much she loves her family and friends, and can empathize with the struggles she faces. I really enjoyed the New Orleans setting and with the authentic descriptions of the city you can just see yourself there.

The entire concept of Phoenix Always is absolutely intriguing. There are immortal beings, magic, and plenty of unique characters. It's very well-written, exciting, and has twists and turns throughout that keep you wondering what will happen right up to the end. I look forward to reading the next one!

You can find this amazing book on Amazon!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spotlight and New Release with author Lily Amis!

Hello! Today on the blog we have Lily Amis and her new release, Birdy & Fishy!

Birdy & Fishy Book Blurb
“Birdy & Fishy” is a lovely and deep story, about the great power of hope. It is about, believing in miracles and the strength of friendship and loyalty. Despite different lifestyles, it is the desire for freedom that unites us. We should never give up on our dreams and desires. We should always trust in destiny because the higher power of the Universe will make the impossible, possible, sooner or later. But, remember, everything has its own time and there is a key to every lock because the creator never gives problems without a solution. Therefore, there’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, because they shine when it is their time and SO WILL YOU!

Birdy & Fishy is inspired by

This short story is inspired by the two first memoirs of Lily’s Trilogy, Destination: Freedom (ISBN-13: 978-1502852243, ASIN: B013YS2MWI) and Definition of Freedom (ISBN-13: 978-1515144588, ASIN: B01HK25TBU). Both book titles are also available in German and as ONE BOOK The Lily Amis Story

The symbolic meaning behind “Birdy & Fishy”
This deeply meaningful short, age- and timeless story inspired by the two memoirs Destination: Freedom and Definition of Freedom is a reflection of Lily’s Life in a foreign country.

Fishy’s desperate desire for freedom, a circle of loving friends and a caring family, the feeling of belonging somewhere and of being accepted and integrated, is what many refugees/immigrants feel and struggle with. Some struggle, just for a while, but others for their entire lives. But, as they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this story, with a happy ending, is a good lesson, to never give up on hope, faith, dreams, goals, wishes, and desires, despite the challenging obstacles, of destiny and our selfish, elbow-society!

 Birdy & Fishy links

EBook on Smashwords
ISBN: 9781370442966

EBook on Amazon
ASIN: B06Y2F962F

Print Book on Amazon: Soon available!
ISBN-13: 978-1545113318
ISBN-10: 1545113319

Birdy & Fishy Book Collection

Also available from Lily Amis!

The Lily Amis Story
ISBN-10: 1534780947
ISBN-13: 978-1534780941
ASIN: B01M9G47G2

About Publisher, Author, Illustrator & Blogger Lily Amis
Nominated Multi-Genre Author, Blogger and Artist Lily Amis is the Author of “Destination: Freedom” and eleven more books. With her honest memoir she has enjoyed strong media exposure and public interest during the refugee crises in summer 2015. Placements included two features with British newspaper the Daily Mirror as well as interviews with popular UK’s lifestyle websites Female First and Frost Magazine.
Lily Amis had to fight against injustice, prejudice, discrimination and social isolation for almost three decades to become who she is today. An Independent Author living in Switzerland with the goal to entertain and educate readers about important and eye-opening topics in our society with her books and blogger magazine “Read My Mind”.
Her free online magazine is an entertain & educate project by Lily’s Publishing company nasSima design. With passionate and talented Authors and bloggers from all over the world she is inspiring aspiring Authors and readers as well as Indie Artists from all kind of genres such as music, movie and art. The first issue was published on April 4th 2017 and the RMM team is working on the summer issue now.

Lily Amis Socialmedia & Blogger magazine
Website: www.
Lily Amis Book Collections:
Lily Amis Amazon Authorpage:
Twitter: @nasSimadesign  and @ReadMyMinMag
Pinterest: @nassimadesign

Facebook: @LilyAmisAuthor, @LilyAmisMemoir, @LilyAmisShortStories, @ReadMyMindMagazine

Thursday, April 6, 2017

En Garde!

I love reading a good fight scene. I love writing a good fight scene even more and my novels are full of them.  Writing an epic battle is a great deal of fun but it’s far from easy. Having a fight scene that is both gripping and easy to follow does present some challenges and it’s important to remember some key points.
Firstly, you need to have a specific goal in mind. While the good guys fight the bad guys and the good guys have a hard time but eventually win is an admirable and time tested way to go, it’s very general. Before I write a battle scene I ask myself, what is the point of this fight? Is it to capture an adversary to try to get information? Is it to obtain a new weapon from the enemy, or retrieve something that was stolen? Is it simply to survive? Having a specific goal will make it easier to direct the fight scenes, instead of just having a bunch of people slashing away at each other just for the sake of fighting.
The scene. Make it different and unique. Every one of my fight scenes is different from another. I’ve had fight scenes in places as simple as a large field, to as complicated as starting in a parking garage and ending up on top of a tall building. Changing it up gives you a chance to work with different aspects and will keep the reader interested. Obviously, a fight in a field would be easier than a brawl in a parking garage. It isn’t only the place you need to think about. Is it sunny out? Hot? Rain would make the ground slippery and deep snow would make it difficult to maneuver. Adding these elements will give your fight scene tension and added challenges for your characters.
No fight scene would be complete without some amazing weapons but choosing your weaponry takes some careful and thoughtful planning. A massive battle-ax sounds amazing and deadly but you can’t take a battle-ax and stick it in the hands of a fourteen-year-old girl; it would be too heavy. One of my characters, Finlay, yields a battle-ax and I make sure and mention his well-muscled arms and shoulders.  Guns are great for distance but in a close-up battle you would risk shooting your companions. A katana is a timeless weapon. However, it is best for slashing, not stabbing. Do your research! I’ve spent countless hours researching weapons, how they work, stances, and moves. Knowing how to use the weapons in your writing will make it more realistic and interesting for the reader.
Speaking of realistic, keep facts in mind when writing a fight scene. A battle is tiring. If your character is still fit as a fiddle after an hour-long battle, something is wrong. You need to add details like burning muscles and sweat getting in your character's eyes to keep your fight real. While a person getting stabbed in the leg and continue to valiantly fight with the blade still embedded may add some great flair in a movie, it may not be quite realistic. How deep is the knife stabbing? Is it slicing through more muscle with each step, or wedging against a bone? Your character would be in a tremendous amount of pain, and likely wouldn’t be fighting for long.
My last bit of advice would be to keep the outcomes of your fight scenes balanced. If your protagonist is always losing, that’s discouraging to the reader, and your characters! On the other hand, if your protagonist is constantly coming out on top you lose the chance for your character to learn and grow. Writing both wins and losses for your characters will keep your readers wondering with each battle, what’s going to happen?
And now, to arms!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review for An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco

My Rating: 5 stars!

Genre: Contemporary Women's


Two headstrong women in their forties coming from different moral directions clash within the confines of a French-Canadian mill town in northern Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley. Their narratives relate how an heirloom quiche recipe and baking rivalry redress misconceptions, misdeeds, and maliciousness which wreak havoc on those caught in the crossfire of a tragedy precipitated by reckless conduct. 

Augusta Bergeron: Dysfunctional.  Deceptive.Demure.  More than meets the eye at face value and stuck in a holding pattern, the town siren engages in morally destructive behavior she attributes to maternal abandonment until she eggs-humes her mother's quiche recipe. 

Lindsay Metcalfe: Pedigreed.  Privileged. Proper. Mourning the recent death of her mother, the historian-in-residence hailing from Boston sets out to preserve the legacy of an impoverished mill, but gets more than she bargains for all around. 

My Review:

I hope you're hungry because An Enlightening Quiche is a book you will want to sink your teeth into! Eva Pasco has done a magnificent job with this novel. Her descriptions are so rich and detailed I found myself falling right through the pages and into the French-Canadian town of Beauchemins, surrounded by the amazing history, places, and people. The story centers around Augusta, long-time native of this historic mill town, and the outsider, Lindsay.

I really loved the characters. Flawed and believable, the charcters were wonderful. The women were strong, independent, and, at times, snarky. The friendships and relationships in An Enlightening Quiche were both beautiful and refreshingly realistic. 

While a quiche bake-off is a headline in the novel, the pages are filled with secrets, mysteries, and gossip under the facade of a simple and steady small-town life. The strength, bonds, and sincerity of the women will have you both laughing and crying throughout the pages. This is an excellent story and you should definitely add Eva Pasco's An Enlightening Quiche to your reading list!

I should add, there's an amazing bonus in the epilogue: the quiche recipe! How great is that? I thought this was a wonderful touch by Eva!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


So this is just going to be a quick post but I'm so excited I just had to put this on here. Souls Discovered has made it to the shortlist for the International Drunken Druid Book Awards! In all honesty, I completely forgot I entered months ago. Yesterday, when I found out I was a finalist I was totally surprised and delighted! It's such an honor just being in the top ten. The winner will be announced on March 31st so my fingers are crossed. I'd love to be able to put 'award-winning novel' in front of my book when I advertise ;)

Best of luck to my fellow finalists! If you would like to see the books that made it to the shortlist you can find them here:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Meet Jason Firstsearcher!

                                 Say hello to Jason from my novel, Souls Discovered!

Jason is the unspoken leader of the group of Searchers he lives with in a large antebellum house in Georgia.  At six-foot-two with a serious demeanor he falls into the strong and silent type. Of course, his blonde hair and bright blue eyes also put him in the male hotness category (sorry ladies, he’s taken).  As a Searcher, he has spent the past seven years battling demons, both figurative and literal. He is no stranger to hardship. Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri he grew up running the streets with some bad influences until the age of thirteen. It was then the Dehmons came after him. Jason had been out trying to sell a bracelet of his mother’s when he encountered the ebony-eyed foes. He fled home, only to find they had reached his mother first. He still carries a lot of guilt about his her death and it is one of the reasons he has difficulty opening up.
The closest person to Jason, besides Keeper Autumn, of course, is Ronan. Ronan become a Searcher a few months after him. The pair survived alone and homeless for a year before they were taken under Petr’s wing at the age of fourteen. Opposite of personality, Jason’s seriousness and Ronan’s carefree nature, the two are as close as brothers. They grew up relying on each other, though a conflict of interest puts a strain on their relationship in Souls Discovered…
Jason is a strong fighter, whose choice of weapon is a crossbow, although he is likely to come out on top in a hand-to-hand fight, as well. Being a Searcher, he also has the ability to wield supernatural power. A Searcher’s power tends to reflect their nature and this holds true for Jason. If you can imagine capturing a violent thunderstorm and condensing it to the size of a grapefruit, you’d have Jason’s power. 
“He could feel his power pulsing in him. He released a fraction of it, the result appearing above his hand. It looked like a small black cloud, spherical in shape. Small, red streaks of lightening would lance from its depths and web briefly across the surface. It sounded like an odd combination of rumbling thunder and the spark and crackle of an electrical short.” 
Trust me, you do not want that thrown at you. His power is a perfect mirror for the chaos and turmoil he carries inside, and rarely voices to anyone. Of course, Jason also has the ability to turn into something dark and dangerous, but if you want to learn more about that side of him, you’ll have to read Souls Discovered!
If you would like to get to know Jason better, you can find him slaying Dehmons and trying to keep his Keeper out of trouble in Souls Discovered.

 Available on Amazon!
You can also learn more by liking my

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review for The Menagerie by J.S. Frankel

My Rating: 4 Stars

The Blurb:
Taking care of a pet is one thing, but when orphaned teenager Karen Fox is kidnapped to service an interstellar zoo, she gets more than she bargained for.
We do this for they bring us happiness.
We do this because they have no defense, nowhere else to go and no one to care for them.
We do this in order so that they may teach us what it means to be different, and for us to embrace that difference.
Karen Fox, sixteen and recovering from a terrible car crash that claimed the lives of her parents, dreams only of becoming physically able once more. Hearing a strange voice that comes from somewhere near her hospital, she investigates and is kidnapped by an automated ship transporting interstellar animals to a safe haven. Knowing nothing about how to take care of them and disliking animals to begin with, Karen learns the value of caring for interstellar life. And when a marauding band of poachers attacks the vessel, intending to seize all the animals, Karen is forced to fight for her own life as well as the animals she has come to care for.

My Review:
What would you do if you were abducted by aliens and told you were now the sole caretaker of an interstellar zoo? This is exactly what happens to the main character, Karen Fox. Not only does she have a dislike for pets, she has no experience in caring for them, much less alien animals. Caring for the critters is the only way she will get back home to earth, however, so she steps up to the task. As if taking care of the menagerie of unusual animals wasn't enough, Karen soon finds herself tangled in a web of deadly poachers, toxic planets, and a malfunctioning spacecraft.
I really enjoyed the fast pacing of this novel. It didn't take long to jump right into the action. The detailed descriptions of the world's and animals were great. Having a YA target audience is perfect for this novel as it has a very strong message of acceptance, not only of others but of yourself, as well. My only complaint would be the lack of emotion in some areas but it would not dissuade me from reading this book. If you enjoy a fast-paced story with plenty of action, twists and turns, and some cuddly (or not so cuddly) critters, then I would recommend The Menagerie. Just be careful you don't step in Malurian dragon snot and be mindful of the canarians...they bite.
Find this and many more books by J.S. Frankel on Amazon!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Review of Kris by Sonnet O'Dell

Review of Kris by Sonnet O'Dell

Genre: Fantasy

BlurbKris Swanson calls herself a Clockwatcher. Her unusual curse to see the time that those around her have left on earth drives her to avoid the living.

When the death of a business man brings Logan Matthews into her life, with him comes a dark plot and attraction she can’t ignore.

Someone is racing reapers to the souls of the newly dead but who and why? The more Kris investigates, the more she feels that some greater purpose is about to be revealed.

My Rating: 5 stars!

My Review:
Kris Swanson spends her days working in the city morgue and living with her cantankerous cat, Hades, trying to live a normal life. Her life is far from avearge, however, as she has a special talent, or curse as she sees it. Kris is able to see exactly how long a person has left to live. Despite the burden, she tries to go through her days the best she can. That is, until one event changes everything.
After witnessing a man's death Kris is pulled into a case she can't escape. The deeper she goes into the mystery, the more she begins to uncover the sinister plot lurking beneath. With the help of Logan Matthews, who brings some sizzle into her life, Kris discovers the truth about her circumstances and herself, but will she be able to handle the revelation?
Sonnet O'Dell does a fantastic job with this fast-paced story that will keep you guessing until the end. With a supernatural CSI feel, demons, reapers, mystery, danger, and a bit of romance, Kris will be a book you won't be able to put down!

Kris can be found on Amazon!

Monday, February 6, 2017

My Book Is Not Free!

   Hello, everyone! I want to talk about something that is definitely on my mind this week. You may have heard of the upcoming event Our Books Are Not Free on Facebook from Feb 11-15. If you haven't, you should check it out! It's going to be a great event that brings up the issue of readers expecting free books and why, as authors, our hard work is worth more.
     Who out there downloads free books? *raises hand* Yep, I do, too. How many of those free books do I read? Honestly, hardly any. A few times I've read free books that I really enjoyed but most of my downloads just sit untouched on my Kindle. Most books I read are usually bought or given to me for review.
     I'll admit, I've offered my book, Souls Discovered, for free. I've done a couple of giveaways, offering my book for free for a few days each time. What did it get me? Hundreds of downloads, a brief rise in rankings, and ONE review. 
     Why is this important? First off, I hardly read any of the free books I download and I can guess that a great deal of those people who downloaded Souls Discovered probably haven't read it, either. That's the problem. Anyone can download ten, twenty, thirty free books a day but a person who actually buys a book is more likely to actually read it, and I need READERS. I would much rather have good readers than thousands of downloads for a free book that likely won't amount to anything 
     Now, my second point. I worked hard on my book! Writing Souls Discovered took late nights and early mornings. At times it was mentally and emotionally exhausting. Hours, days, and months of writing and re-writing, editing, and fine-tuning. Plus, the cost! My Book cover and editing services weren't exactly cheap. Why should all of my hard work, effort, and money count for nothing? My book and my time are worth more than free.

     If you would like to hear more about Souls Discovered be sure to stop by the Our Books Are Not Free event. I'll be on at 2pm eastern US time this Sunday. Stop by and say hi and check out the amazing line-up of authors and find some great new books.

Keep reading and writing!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


My first post! Hurray! Who else is excited? GREAT! For those of you who don't know my name is Miranda Brock and I'm a YA/fantasy author living the dream in southern Illinois. If you want to know more about who I am just hop on over to my about me section and read all that goodness there. I want to talk about what to expect from this blog! I love to read and write, A LOT, so I'll be writing about my current projects, books, and other amazing wordy things. I also really enjoy supporting my fellow authors so I'll be dedicating much of this blog to posting reviews, author interviews, spotlights, and guest posts. If you would be interested in any of that, let me know! Before you send in a review request, though, please read my review policy. I'm really looking forward to this journey, getting the word out about wonderful authors, and meeting new people!

Before you go don't forget to check out my urban fantasy novel, Souls Discovered!

Have a wonderful day!