Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spotlight and New Release with author Lily Amis!

Hello! Today on the blog we have Lily Amis and her new release, Birdy & Fishy!

Birdy & Fishy Book Blurb
“Birdy & Fishy” is a lovely and deep story, about the great power of hope. It is about, believing in miracles and the strength of friendship and loyalty. Despite different lifestyles, it is the desire for freedom that unites us. We should never give up on our dreams and desires. We should always trust in destiny because the higher power of the Universe will make the impossible, possible, sooner or later. But, remember, everything has its own time and there is a key to every lock because the creator never gives problems without a solution. Therefore, there’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, because they shine when it is their time and SO WILL YOU!

Birdy & Fishy is inspired by

This short story is inspired by the two first memoirs of Lily’s Trilogy, Destination: Freedom (ISBN-13: 978-1502852243, ASIN: B013YS2MWI) and Definition of Freedom (ISBN-13: 978-1515144588, ASIN: B01HK25TBU). Both book titles are also available in German and as ONE BOOK The Lily Amis Story

The symbolic meaning behind “Birdy & Fishy”
This deeply meaningful short, age- and timeless story inspired by the two memoirs Destination: Freedom and Definition of Freedom is a reflection of Lily’s Life in a foreign country.

Fishy’s desperate desire for freedom, a circle of loving friends and a caring family, the feeling of belonging somewhere and of being accepted and integrated, is what many refugees/immigrants feel and struggle with. Some struggle, just for a while, but others for their entire lives. But, as they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this story, with a happy ending, is a good lesson, to never give up on hope, faith, dreams, goals, wishes, and desires, despite the challenging obstacles, of destiny and our selfish, elbow-society!

 Birdy & Fishy links

EBook on Smashwords
ISBN: 9781370442966

EBook on Amazon
ASIN: B06Y2F962F

Print Book on Amazon: Soon available!
ISBN-13: 978-1545113318
ISBN-10: 1545113319

Birdy & Fishy Book Collection

Also available from Lily Amis!

The Lily Amis Story
ISBN-10: 1534780947
ISBN-13: 978-1534780941
ASIN: B01M9G47G2

About Publisher, Author, Illustrator & Blogger Lily Amis
Nominated Multi-Genre Author, Blogger and Artist Lily Amis is the Author of “Destination: Freedom” and eleven more books. With her honest memoir she has enjoyed strong media exposure and public interest during the refugee crises in summer 2015. Placements included two features with British newspaper the Daily Mirror as well as interviews with popular UK’s lifestyle websites Female First and Frost Magazine.
Lily Amis had to fight against injustice, prejudice, discrimination and social isolation for almost three decades to become who she is today. An Independent Author living in Switzerland with the goal to entertain and educate readers about important and eye-opening topics in our society with her books and blogger magazine “Read My Mind”.
Her free online magazine is an entertain & educate project by Lily’s Publishing company nasSima design. With passionate and talented Authors and bloggers from all over the world she is inspiring aspiring Authors and readers as well as Indie Artists from all kind of genres such as music, movie and art. The first issue was published on April 4th 2017 and the RMM team is working on the summer issue now.

Lily Amis Socialmedia & Blogger magazine
Website: www. LilyAmis.com
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Lily Amis Book Collections: www.society6.com/nasSimadesign
Lily Amis Amazon Authorpage: https://www.amazon.com/Lily-Amis/e/B00PSLRSS8
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Facebook: @LilyAmisAuthor, @LilyAmisMemoir, @LilyAmisShortStories, @ReadMyMindMagazine


  1. Many thanks Miranda Brock for featuring my short story on your blog. Birdy & Fishy are over the moon! Your support is much appreciated!<3