Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meet Miller Fourthsearcher!

Say a great big hello to Miller, the knife-throwing rancher’s son found in The Keeper’s Way series.

A country boy through and through, Miller lived in Wyoming where he raised cattle and trained horses with his parents. He was the oldest of six adopted children. Miller was brought up in a loving family and grew with an appreciation for hard work.

He was fifteen when Dehmons came for him while he was finishing up barn chores with his three brothers. His family was slaughtered despite his best efforts. Before he could be killed he was saved by his future fellow Searchers Jason, Ronan, and Petr.

Of all of the Searchers, Miller had the hardest time accepting his new role. He couldn’t deny the truth, but the loss of his family left him feeling bitter. Though the feeling lessened over time it never fully went away until years later when they discovered Autumn. Not only is she the Keeper, it is also discovered she is Miller’s biological sister. Finding his long-lost sibling gives Miller a sense of redemption. He failed his family and he is determined not to fail Autumn.

Having spent countless hours in his family’s barn throwing knives at targets, Miller is the one Searcher who was accustomed to his choice of weapon before the Dehmons came for him. As a Searcher, he is also gifted with magical abilities. ‘Miller's ability reflected his already honed skills of knife throwing. After recovering from receiving his new power, he jerked his arm forward, as if throwing a knife. A razor-sharp bar of pale yellow light shot out and sliced right through a tree before disappearing.’

Miller’s virtue is wisdom, a quality he uses to not only strategize against Dehmons but to also help his sister see sense when she is being stubborn.

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