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Character Interview with DeeDee and Wendy from Areion!

It's Character Interview Monday and I have a great treat for you! Get to know not one, but two characters from Lela Grayce's book, Areion. Let's jump in!

Twins raised far from the darkness are the key to Gaai's salvation.
Turning eighteen is the highlight of every teenager's life. Or at least it is for Wendy and her twin sister DeeDee. When their adoptive parents gift them with medallions belonging to their late mother, they have no idea their lives are about to change.
Their happy day takes a deadly turn when Wendy is lured into the forest surrounding their home by a deceitful voice. Saved by an alluring, green-eyed stranger, questions are brought to light that she may not want the answers to.
The girls are descendants of Gaai, a land of ancient magic. Once peaceful and thriving, is now enslaved by a powerful enemy. Though Wendy and DeeDee were sent to Earth to be raised far from the darkness that shrouds their home world, they must now return to unite their people.

If you had a free day with no responsibilities, how would you spend it?

“Laying around watching TV. God, I miss TV and movies. They don’t have any of that stuff here in the far corners of the universe. I mean I left before the final Avengers movie I’ll never know how all of that works out which sucks.” DeeDee huffs in annoyance. 
“I would curl up with a cup of tea and a good book,” Wendy answers. 
“That’s really boring,” DeeDee announces. 
“And watching TV and movies isn’t?” Wendy asks. 
“No, it’s like you are right there in the thick of the action,” DeeDee says miming explosions and karate chops. 
“A book does the same thing but in your head,” Wendy explains pointing to her head. 
“But I like watching it with my eyes,” DeeDee responds tersely pointing to her eyes. 

What do you like best about yourself? 


“My butt obviously. I don’t think I have a least favorite thing about myself I’m pretty freaking awesome!” DeeDee exclaims smugly. 
“I like my eyes the best, I think, and for the least favorite is my hair. It’s just kinda blah.” Wendy answers. 
“We need to figure out which part of you makes people faint. There’s gotta be one.” DeeDee says seriously. 
“Well, since we’re twins we technically have the same butt so it could be that.” Wendy replies. 
“But the Butt is my thing. You can’t steal my thing.” DeeDee says. 
“There is no possible way I could steal your butt. I have my own.” Wendy replies. 
“Maybe, it’s your freaky sixth toe,” DeeDee muses. “I’d faint if I saw that.”  
“I do not have a sixth toe,” Wendy exclaims angrily. 
“How do you know? Have you ever checked?” DeeDee says reaching for her foot. 
“I’d think I’d know if I have an extra toe,” Wendy says rolling her eyes. 
“I think you should check, you know just to be safe,” DeeDee replies seriously. 
“Lets not,” Wendy says tucking her feet under her.  

You’re caught sneaking into the kitchen 

for a late-night snack. What snack were you after?

“Fiery hot cheetos and M&M’s,” DeeDee answers without hesitation. 
“A granola bar or maybe some cookies,” Wendy says with a grin. 
“Why are you so boring? You could at say something to impress the people like you’d eat a hunk of cheese or something,” DeeDee says shaking her head in disappointment. 
“Eating that much cheese isn’t good for you,” Wendy replies calmly. 
“Don’t tell me how to live my life,” DeeDee says crossing her arms.  

What are you most afraid of? 

“Failing those that are relying on me. It’s a heavy burden but one I gladly bear,” DeeDee answers her tone serious. 
“Wow, that’s really profound, Dee,” Wendy says nodding her head in approval. 
“I can be profound and serious sometimes,” DeeDee says a grin spreading across her face. 
“Failing in my duties to protect and nurture the people who look up to me and not being what I need to be for them,” Wendy answers her tone just as serious as her sister’s. 
“Well said,” DeeDee agrees. 

What is the one thing you value the most in life?

“My friends and family,” DeeDee responds patting Wendy’s hand. “And maybe my butt.”  
“You should really stop with all the butt stuff,” Wendy says pulling her hand away annoyed. 
“Ha, you said ‘butt stuff’,” DeeDee said laughing. 
“And here I thought giving you some responsibility would mature you,” Wendy says exasperatedly. 
“What gave you that idea?” DeeDee asks curious. 
“I don’t really know,” Wendy muses. “Anyway, I also value my friends and my family." 
“And my butt,” DeeDee stage whispers while dodging her sister’s hand.  

If you could go back in time for one day, where would you go?

“To the day of my birth so I could meet my parents,” DeeDee replies sadly. 
“I agree. I would also like to return to that day,” Wendy says grabbing her sister’s hand and squeezing.  

Do you have a unique quirk? 

“Several! My favorite is my lack of filter. I speak my mind because actually thinking before I speak is tedious and time consuming so I don’t even bother,” DeeDee says regaining her earlier bravado. 
“I wish you’d think before you spoke,” Wendy says rubbing her temples. 
“But that’s boring, I like to be just as surprised as everyone else at what comes out of my mouth,” DeeDee says smugly. 
“Of course you do that’s why you never shut up,” Wendy replies. 
“What? Sorry didn’t catch that you know the voices,” DeeDee says pointing at her head. 
“Oh please,” Wendy replies rolling her eyes. “I think my unique quirk is my neatness.” 
“Pfft, that’s not a quirk,” DeeDee says. 
“How do you know? It’s not like you have a ton of experience with neatness,” Wendy replies glaring at her sister. 
“I can be neat,” DeeDee says defensively. 
“Name one time or thing that you kept neat,” Wendy asks smugly crossing her arms and looking at her sister expectantly. 
“My armour,” DeeDee says after a pause. 
“Your armour doesn’t count it’s a part of you genius,” Wendy replies. 
“Yes it is and I keep it neat,” DeeDee insists. 
“Whatever,” Wendy responds flippantly. 

 What is your favorite thing about the world you live in? Least favorite? 

“Magic and my new abilities because there’s so many opportunities to cause chaos and rile people up. Especially Thomas, he’s sooooo serious like all the time,” DeeDee answers immediately. 
“I’m so glad you don’t use your newfound powers for selfish reasons,” Wendy replies sarcastically. 
“I know right,” DeeDee agrees a sly smile on her face. 
“Ugh,” Wendy says before answering, “I think my favorite thing is learning about new worlds and cultures, meeting new people, and getting to know them.”  “I guess that part is pretty cool,” DeeDee agrees nodding her head. “I mean who knew that things from myth and legend actually exists.” 
“Yes, we are learning about them everyday. It’s one of my favorite things,” Wendy replies saying the last part in a sing song voice. 
“Hm, I think my least favorite is Ethaniel and everything about him,” DeeDee says her voice becoming more serious. 
“Yeah, I think him and his army of Skotos is my least favorite thing about this world,” Wendy agrees just as seriously.  

What quote would best describe you or your life? 

“My butt is a secret weapon. Pretty much says it all,” DeeDee answers completely serious. 
“Again with the butt stuff,” Wendy says exaperadely. 
“Why do you keep saying ‘butt stuff’?” DeeDee asks her sister. 
“Because you keep bringing it up,” Wendy growls. 
“Yeah, well it’s awesome so...” DeeDee says shrugging. 
“Ugh,” Wendy says throwing her hands up in the air. “Whatever, you be happy over there with your butt stuff and keep it away from me.” 
“But, your butt is essentially my butt since we’re twins so technically you have the same butt,” DeeDee responds. 
“See what I have to deal with,” Wendy exclaims. 
“You deal with awesomeness, admit it,” DeeDee says squinting at her sister. 
“I think a quote that describes my life now is “our future is shadowed but that doesn’t mean it’s dark’,” Wendy says ignoring her sister. 
“Wait, I said that,” DeeDee says her eyes going wide with surprise. 
“Sometimes you say meaningful things,” Wendy says shrugging. 
“Okay,” DeeDee groans, “I'll stop with all the butt stuff.” 
Wendy snickers at her words, “You said ‘butt stuff’.”  

Tell us about your biggest goal. 

“My biggest goal right now is to rid the worlds of the tyrant Ethaniel, kill Kaul, and find some cookies. Oh and dunking Layne’s head into something sticky, that’d be funny!” DeeDee answers without hesitation. 
“Remind me to never piss you off,” Wendy says looking at her sister with wide eyes. “I don’t want to imagine what goes on in that head of yours.” 
“I would never do anything to you, you’re my sister,” DeeDee replies patting her hand. 
“That isn’t reassuring,” Wendy says. “I agree with the first part of Dee’s answer about ridding the worlds of Ethaniel’s darkness and Kaul.” 
“But dunking Layne’s head in something sticky would be funny right,” DeeDee asks nudging her sister with her elbow. “He’s got all that long hair.” 
“What type of sticky are you thinking? Like maple syrup or glue?” Wendy asks indulging her sister. 
“Not glue. Then he’d have to cut it off and be devastated. Remember in middle school when they messed up his hair cut and had to shave it so it’d grow back even?” DeeDee asks giggling. 
“He was mortified and wore a ball cap to hide it,” Wendy replies giggling.
“You and Ryker kept hiding it.” 
“Layne was so mad when he found out,” DeeDee says laughing. “I thought he’d never talk to me again, like he could stay away from me.” 
Wendy nods her head, “You would hunt him down, then force him to bask in your glorious awesomeness.” 
DeeDee smiles, “He couldn’t hide from me and really why would you want to.” 
“True, you can be scary when you want to be,” Wendy agrees with a shudder.  

If you're as intrigued by this pair as I am, be sure to head on over and grab your copy of Areion here

A huge thank you to Lela Grayce for giving us a peek into her amazing characters!

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